If We Continue

If We Continue

By Rosalia Polanco



I know sometimes you might feel as if you have too many problems to deal with

Poverty & violence, I hear it

But at the end of the day the reality is,

The world that we live in will no longer exist

If we continue


We drop our soda cans on the sidewalk because the trash can is too far away

We see the recycling bin thinking we got nothing to gain

But let me tell you

If we continue..


Life as we know it will become a wasteland

From failures of our people to take command

Now please don’t misunderstand

My point here is to

Convince you


But see the problem with convincing people is

Getting to them in a way that they comprehend

It’s hard for some people to get it inside their heads

But I’ll try my best


Let me begin by saying this problem is not entirely our fault

It began hundreds of years ago when our ancestors thought

That they could not live in a world with just grasses and trees

That our lives had to revolve around all these machines

No one protested & no one disagreed

To this way of life as wonderful as it seemed.


There have always been people advocating this cause

But somewhere in the grand scheme of things the purpose has gotten lost

I’m here to tell you it’s not just about dependence

It’s about the human presence.

Not now not tomorrow but years from now,

When our grandchildren are playing on the park ground

And wherever we are we will no longer worry,

About what they’re breathing or what will come on tomorrow’s journey.


All I’m saying is we have to move

From all these ideas we think are true


No not literally move because we have nowhere to go

Our population is growing which just goes to show

How much we need to care but enough people don’t


Or maybe we do we just can’t find a way

To abide by the ways that are currently in place

To buy organic food we need to pay

Sometimes twice as much as the mass-produced way

But what do we do when we’re trying to make the world a better place

and we care — but not enough to recycle the right way?


Like I said we have to move

From the laziness that’s hidden in this land of “dreams come true”

Now I don’t mean to offend anyone it’s just the honest truth

I’ll admit it overcomes me too

But we gotta make a change…


I don’t need you to go and install a solar panel on your roof

Although that would be nice I just need you to

Put the can in the clear bag and the other garbage in the black

This way we can all work together to bring the earth back


And when you see someone about to throw away his trash

In a bin that will cause us to backlash

In our efforts to make this world last

I want you to ask that person “Is it really worth it?”


Because if we continue, the efforts of our ancestors that were advocating our cause will go to waste

If we continue this earth that we live in will no longer be our place

If we continue many lives will go to waste If –

Or maybe I should explain it like this

If we continue to change our lives for the better

We will become trendsetters

To a new way of life that will make this earth our shelter

For years to come

And so if we continue… we can bring the earth back together…

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